Meaning of MS in English

(1) MicroSoft ( )

the U.S. software company in Redmond, Washington, that created the world of Windows!

(2) Mobile Station

Consists of the mobile equipment (the terminal) and a smart card called the Subscriber Identity Module ( SIM ). The SIM provides personal mobility, so that the user can have access to subscribed services irrespective of a specific terminal. By inserting the SIM card into another GSM terminal, the user is able to receive calls at that terminal, make calls from that terminal, and receive other subscribed services.

The mobile equipment is uniquely identified by the International Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI ). The SIM card contains the International Mobile Subscriber Identity ( IMSI ) used to identify the subscriber to the system, a secret key for authentication, and other information. The IMEI and the IMSI are independent, thereby allowing personal mobility. The SIM card may be protected against unauthorized use by a password or personal identity number.

See GSM architecture for more infos ...

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