Meaning of AMERICAN in English


n. American Association of Retired Persons

American Broadcasting Co.

Arabian American Oil Company

American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

North American Free Trade Agreement

Afro Caribbean Afro Brazilian and Afro American religions

American Airlines

American Anti Slavery Society

American Ballet Theatre

American Bar Association

American Civil Liberties Union

American Civil War

American Express Co.

American Fur Co.

American Indian

Native American

American Indian languages

American Indian Movement

American Indian religions North

American Indian religions South

American Labor Party

American League

American Legion

American Medical Association

American Motors Corp.

American Museum of Natural History

American Protective Association

American Renaissance

American Revolution

American Saddlebred

American Saddle Horse

American Samoa

Territory of American Samoa

American Stock Exchange

American System of manufacture

American aloe

Daughters of the American Revolution

Early American furniture

American Volunteer Group

House Un American Activities Committee

Inter American Development Bank

American Party

Latin American arts

Mexican American War

Native American Church

Native American arts

Organization of American States

Pan American Sports Games

Pan American World Airways Inc.

Pan American Highway

Pan American Union

Philippine American War

Scientific American

Spanish American War

American Federation of Labor Congress of Industrial Organizations

British American Tobacco PLC

British American Tobacco Company Ltd. 1902–76

Latin American Integration Association

Latin American Free Trade Association LAFTA

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