Meaning of EDWARD in English


known as Edward Longshanks

born June 17, 1239, Westminster, Middlesex, Eng.

died July 7, 1309, Burgh by Sands, near Carlisle, Cumberland

King of England (1272–1307).

The eldest son of Henry III , he supported his father in a civil war with the barons, but his violent temper contributed to Henry's defeat at the Battle of Lewes (1264). Edward triumphed over the rebels in the following year when he defeated them and slew their leader at Evesham. Edward joined the abortive Crusade of Louis IX of France (the Eighth Crusade) in 1271–72, then returned to England to succeed his father. His reign was a time of rising national consciousness, in which he strengthened the crown against the nobility. He fostered the development of Parliament and played an important role in defining English common law. He conquered Wales (1277) and crushed Welsh uprisings against English rule, but his conquest of Scotland (1296), including the defeat of William Wallace , was undone by later revolts. He expelled the Jews from England in 1290; they would not be readmitted until 1655. He died on a campaign against Robert I , who had proclaimed himself king of Scotland the previous year.

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