Meaning of LEUCOTHEA in English

In Greek mythology , a sea goddess.

She is first mentioned in the Odyssey , in which she rescued Odysseus from drowning. She was traditionally identified with Ino, daughter of Cadmus , who incurred the wrath of Hera by caring for the infant Dionysus , Zeus 's son by Semele . Hera drove Ino and her son Melicertes mad, and they leaped into the sea, where they were changed into marine deities

Ino into Leucothea, Melicertes into Palaemon. A dolphin carried Melicertes' body to the Isthmus of Corinth, and the Isthmian Games were instituted in his honour.

Leucothea giving Dionysus a drink from the Horn of Plenty, antique bas-relief; in the Lateran ...

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