Meaning of MIRAJ in English

In Islamic tradition, the ascension of Muhammad into heaven.

One night, according to the tradition, Muhammad was visited by two archangels, who opened his body and purified his heart of all doubt, error, and paganism. He was carried to heaven, where he ascended the seven levels to reach the throne of God. Along the way he and the archangel Jibr 012B; l met the prophets Adam , Ya 1E25; y 0101; ( John the Apostle ), 02BD; 012A; s 0101; ( Jesus ), Y 016B; suf ( Joseph ), Idr 012B; s, 1E24; ar 016B; n ( Aaron ), M 016B; s 0101; ( Moses ), and Ibr 0101; h 012B; m ( Abraham ) and visited hell and paradise. He learned that he was more highly regarded by God than all the other prophets. The mi 02BD; raj is popularly celebrated with readings of the legend on the 27th day of Rajab, called the Laylat 02BD; al-Mir 0101; j ("Night of the Ascension").

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