Meaning of ABRAHAM in English



flourished early 2nd millennium BC

First of the Hebrew Judaism , Christianity , and Islam .

Genesis tells how Abraham, at 75, left Ur with his barren wife, Sarai (later Sarah ), and others to found a new nation in Canaan . There God made a covenant with him, promising that his descendants would inherit the land and become a great nation. Abraham fathered Ishmael by Sarah's maidservant Hagar; Sarah herself bore Isaac, who inherited the covenant. Abraham's faith was tested when God ordered him to sacrifice Isaac; he was prepared to obey but God relented. In Judaism he is a model of virtue, in Christianity he is the father of all believers, and in Islam he is an ancestor of Muhammad and a model (in Sufism ) of generosity.


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Abraham Plains of

Nelson Ahlgren Abraham

Cowley Abraham

Darby Abraham

Dukas Paul Abraham

Flexner Abraham

Gallatin Abraham Alfonse Albert

Geiger Abraham

Grierson Sir George Abraham

Heschel Abraham Joshua

Idelsohn Abraham Zevi

Kuyper Abraham

Lincoln Abraham

Maslow Abraham Harold

Michelson Albert Abraham

Pissarro Jacob Abraham Camille

Quisling Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonsson

Roentgen Abraham

Abraham Stoker

Waksman Selman Abraham

Werner Abraham Gottlob

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