Meaning of HALDEMAN, H(ARRY) R(OBBINS) in English


born Oct. 27, 1926, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.

died Nov. 12, 1993, Santa Barbara, Calif.

U.S. White House aide.

An advertising executive in Los Angeles (1949–68), he managed several of the campaigns of John D. Ehrlichman , he was one of Nixon's closest advisers. He participated in the cover-up of involvement by White House officials in the Watergate break-in (see {{link=Watergate scandal">Watergate scandal ) and helped carry out other "dirty tricks" during the 1972 campaign. Forced to resign in 1973, he was tried and convicted in 1975 for conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice; he served 18 months in prison.

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