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In the Old Testament , the son of the patriarch Jacob and his wife, Rachel .

He was favoured by his father, and his brothers became bitterly jealous when he was given a resplendent "coat of many colors" (literally, coat with flowing sleeves). They sold him into slavery in Egypt, telling Jacob he had been killed by a wild beast. In Egypt Joseph gained favour with the pharaoh and rose to high office, owing to his ability to interpret dreams, and his acquisition of grain supplies enabled Egypt to withstand a famine. When famine forced Jacob to send his sons to Egypt to buy grain, the family was reconciled with Joseph and settled there. The story of Joseph, told in Genesis 37–50, depicts the preservation of Israel and begins the history of the Israelites in Egypt that is continued in Exodus .


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Abbott Sir John Joseph Caldwell

Addison Joseph

Akiba ben Joseph

Arrow Kenneth Joseph

Abba Mari ben Moses ben Joseph

Banks Sir Joseph

Joseph the Levite

Belloc Joseph Pierre Hilaire

Berrigan Daniel Joseph and Philip Francis

Beuys Joseph

Blanc Jean Joseph Charles Louis

Bonaparte Joseph

Bramah Joseph

Brant Joseph

Brennan William Joseph Jr.

Brodsky Joseph

Brown Joseph Rogers

Butler Joseph

Caillaux Joseph Marie Auguste

Campbell Joseph

Cannon Joseph Gurney

Chaikin Joseph

Chamberlain Sir Joseph Austen

Chamberlain Charles Joseph

Chamberlain Joseph

Chrétien Joseph Jacques Jean

Cohn Edwin Joseph

Conrad Joseph

Cornell Joseph

Robert Joseph Cousy

Cronin Archibald Joseph

Jacques Joseph Ahearn

Daley Richard Joseph

Joseph de Veuster

de Gaulle Charles André Marie Joseph

Joseph Paul DiMaggio

Dixon Joseph

Robert Joseph Dole

Drexel Anthony Joseph

Dupleix Joseph François

Eichendorff Joseph Baron von

Joseph Carey Merrick

Flaherty Robert Joseph

Fouché Joseph duke d'Otrante

Fourier Jean Baptiste Joseph Baron

Foyt Anthony Joseph Jr.

Francis Joseph

Gall Franz Joseph

Galland Adolf Joseph Ferdinand

Gallieni Joseph Simon

Galloway Joseph

Marie Joseph François Garnier

Gay Lussac Joseph Louis

Gobineau Joseph Arthur count de

Goebbels Paul Joseph

Goldberg Arthur Joseph

Greenberg Joseph Harold

Hanna William Denby and Barbera Joseph Roland

Hardee William Joseph

Haydn Franz Joseph

Heller Joseph

Henry Joseph

Herriman George Joseph

Hooker Joseph

Ignarro Louis Joseph

Joseph Jefferson Jackson

Jackson Michael Joseph

Jacquard Joseph Marie

Jaurès Auguste Marie Joseph Jean

Joachim Joseph

Joffre Joseph Jacques Césaire

Johnston Joseph Eggleston

Joseph Bonaparte Gulf

Joseph II

Joseph Chief

Joseph Father

François Joseph le Clerc du Tremblay

Joseph Saint

Joseph Ben Matthias

Karo Joseph ben Ephraim

Kasavubu Joseph

Joseph Francis Keaton IV

Kennedy Joseph Patrick

Kipling Joseph Rudyard

Kirkland Joseph Lane

Lagrange Joseph Louis

Laski Harold Joseph

Joseph Levitch

Licklider Joseph Carl Robnett

Lister Joseph

Joseph Louis Barrow

Maistre Joseph de

Mankiewicz Joseph Leo

Mansfield Michael Joseph

Maximilian Joseph

Thomas Joseph Mboya

McCarthy Eugene Joseph

McCarthy Joseph Raymond

McGraw John Joseph

Medill Joseph

Joseph Désiré Mobutu

Montgolfier Joseph Michel and Montgolfier Jacques Étienne

Montherlant Henry Marie Joseph Millon de

Joseph Leonard Morgan

Morny Charles Auguste Louis Joseph duke de

Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe

William Joseph Mosconi

Muller Hermann Joseph

Gerald Joseph Mulligan

Joseph William Namath

Neutra Richard Joseph

Niepce Joseph Nicéphore

Joseph Oliver

Orléans Louis Philippe Joseph duke d'

Papineau Louis Joseph

Papp Joseph

Joseph Papirofsky

Pendergast Thomas Joseph

Perelman Sidney Joseph

Perrot Jules Joseph

Pershing John Joseph

Plante Joseph Jacques Omer

Pleyel Ignace Joseph

Priestley Joseph

Proudhon Pierre Joseph

Pulitzer Joseph

Rabéarivelo Jean Joseph

Radetzky Joseph Count

Rank Joseph Arthur Baron Rank of Sutton Scotney

Ravel Joseph Maurice

Redouté Pierre Joseph

Reger Johann Baptist Joseph Maximilian

Renan Joseph Ernest

Richard Joseph Henri Maurice

Saadia ben Joseph

{{link=Antoine Joseph Sax">Antoine Joseph Sax

Scaliger Julius Caesar and Scaliger Joseph Justus

Schelling Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von

Schumpeter Joseph Alois

Sieyès Emmanuel Joseph

Simenon Georges Joseph Christian

Joseph Roberts Smallwood

Smith Joseph

Springsteen Bruce Frederick Joseph

Stalin Joseph

Steffens Joseph Lincoln

Stigler George Joseph

Stiglitz Joseph E.

Stilwell Joseph Warren

Story Joseph

Swan Sir Joseph Wilson

Talma François Joseph

Taylor Joseph Hooton Jr.

Teilhard de Chardin Marie Joseph Pierre

Thomson Sir Joseph John

Toynbee Arnold Joseph

Leonard Joseph Tristano

James Joseph Tunney

Turner Joseph Mallord William

Van Der Zee James Augustus Joseph

Vernet Claude Joseph

Warren Joseph

Whitworth Sir Joseph

Joseph Goreed

Lafayette Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier marquis de

Montcalm de Saint Véran Louis Joseph de Montcalm Grozon marquis de

Napoléon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte

Slim William Joseph 1st Viscount Slim of Yarralumla and Bishopston

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