Meaning of MÉTIS in English


In Canadian history, a person of mixed Indian and French or Scottish ancestry.

The first Métis were the offspring of local Indian women and European fur traders in the Red River area of what is now southern Manitoba. They call themselves the Forgotten People. Their language, Michif, is a French and Cree trade language. Only a small percentage of people can speak Michif, although attempts are being made to preserve it. For more than half a century the Métis cultivated a distinctive way of life and came to think of themselves as a nation. The Métis culture, particularly clothing, artwork, music, and dance, can be characterized as colourful and unique. They resisted the Canadian takeover of the Northwest in 1869, established a provisional government under the leadership of Louis Riel , and in 1870 negotiated a union with Canada that resulted in the establishment of the province of Manitoba. In 2003 Canada granted the Métis legal recognition as a native group, with the same broad hunting rights as full-status Indians. By the early 21st century the estimated number of Métis in western Canada was more than 550,000.

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