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Province (pop., 2001: 7,410,500), eastern Canada.

It is bounded on the north by Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay , on the east by Labrador , on the southeast by the New Brunswick , on the south by the U.S. ( Maine , New Hampshire , Vermont , and New York ), and on the west by Ontario and by Hudson Bay . Its capital is Quebec city. The original inhabitants were Inuit (see Eskimo ) and members of Algonquin, Cree, and other Indian tribes. Settled by the French in the early 17th century, the area was lost to the British in the French and Indian War , but the struggle for authority between the French and British groups led to a rebellion by French Canadians in 1837. The rebellion was quelled and in 1867 Quebec (formerly Canada East ) united with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to form the Dominion of Canada. Most of the population of Quebec is of French descent. Various movements calling for Quebec's independence from the rest of Canada continued throughout the 20th century; the Parti Québécois won provincial elections in 1976, but its independence referendum was defeated in 1980. A second independence referendum was defeated in 1995 by a close margin. Principal industries include mining, hydroelectric power, and forestry.


or Quebec City

City (pop., 2001: metro. area, 682,757), port and capital of Quebec province, Canada.

It lies at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and St. Charles rivers, about 150 mi (240 km) northeast of Montreal , on a rocky promontory above the rivers. Canada's oldest city, it was settled by the French in 1608 as a trading post. It was the capital of New France from 1663 to 1763, when it was lost to the British. It was the capital of Lower Canada 1791–1841 and Canada East 1841–67. It became the provincial capital in 1867. Most of the population is French speaking and Roman Catholic. It is the site of Laval University and other colleges and cultural institutions. Manufactures include newsprint, milled grain, cigarettes, and clothing. Shipbuilding and tourism are important industries.


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