Meaning of TAGORE, DEBENDRANATH in English


born May 15, 1817, Calcutta, India

died Jan. 19, 1905, Calcutta

Hindu philosopher and religious reformer.

Born into a wealthy landowning family, he was educated in both Eastern and Western philosophy. Striving to purge Hinduism of abuses, he spoke vehemently against suttee and tried to bring education within the reach of all. He was active in the Brahmo Samaj . In his zeal to erase idolatry and undemocratic practices, he rejected the Veda s as deficient in dictating guidelines for human behaviour. Failing to find a middle path between radical rationalism and Brahman conservatism, he retired from public life. He was known as the Great Sage. Rabindranath Tagore was his son.

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