Meaning of VALLEY in English



Elongate depression of the Earth's surface.

Valleys are commonly drained by rivers and may be in a relatively flat plain or between ranges of hills or mountains. Valleys formed by rivers and slope denudation are typically V-shaped; those formerly occupied by glaciers are characteristically U-shaped. Valley evolution is controlled mainly by climate and rock type. Very narrow, deep valleys cut in resistant rock and having steep, almost vertical sides are called canyons. Smaller valleys of similar appearance are called gorges.


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Central Valley

Cherry Valley Raid

Coachella Valley

Death Valley

Fergana Valley

Great Rift Valley

Rift Valley

Gudbrands Valley

Iao Valley

Wailuku Valley

Imperial Valley

Kings Valley of the

Kobuk Valley National Park

lily of the valley

Matapédia Valley

rift valley

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Ten Thousand Smokes Valley of

Tennessee Valley Authority

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