Meaning of 'ABD AR-RAHMAN III in English


born January 891 died Oct. 15, 961, Crdoba byname An-nasir Li-din Allah (Arabic: Victor for the Religion of Allah), in full 'abd Ar-rahman Ibn Muhammad Ibn 'abd Allah Ibn Muhammad Ibn 'abd Ar-rahman Ibn Al-hakam Ar-rabdi Ibn Hisham Ibn 'abd Ar-rahman Ad-dakhil first caliph and greatest ruler of the Umayyad Arab Muslim dynasty of Spain. He reigned as hereditary amir (prince) of Crdoba from October 912 and took the title of caliph in 929. Additional reading Accounts of 'Abd ar-Rahman's reign may be found in W. Montgomery Watt, A History of Islamic Spain (1965, reissued 1977); and Stanley Lane-Poole, The Story of the Moors in Spain (1886, reprinted as The Moors in Spain, 1967).

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