Meaning of ACTINIUM in English


(Ac), radioactive chemical element, in Group IIIb of the periodic table, atomic number 89. Actinium was discovered (1899) by Andr-Louis Debierne in pitchblende residues left after Pierre and Marie Curie had extracted radium and was also discovered (1902) independently by Friedrich Otto Giesel. A ton of pitchblende ore contains about 0.15 mg of actinium. The rare, silvery-white metal is highly radioactive, glowing blue in the dark. The most common isotope of actinium is actinium-227; the others, natural and artificial, are too short-lived to accumulate in macroscopic quantity. Actinium-227, which is one of the decay products of uranium-235, has a 21.6-year half-life and in turn decays almost entirely to thorium-227, but about 1 percent decays to francium-223. This whole disintegration chain with its branches is called the actinium decay series. Actinium, the ions of which in solution are colourless, exhibits an oxidation state of +3, closely resembling the rare-earth lanthanide elements in its chemical properties, and is the prototype of a second rare-earth-like series, the actinide elements. atomic number 89 stablest isotope 227 valence 3 electronic config. 2-8-18-32-18-9-2 or (Rn)6d17s2

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