Meaning of 'ALI AR-RIDA in English


in full Abu Al-hasan Ibn Musa Ibn Ja'far 'ali Ar-rida born 765/768/770, Medina, Arabia [now in Saudi Arabia] died 818, Tus, Iran eighth imam of the Twelver Shi'ites, noted for his piety and learning until 817, when the caliph al-Ma'mun, in an attempt to heal the division between the majority Sunnites and the Shi'ites, appointed him his successor. The appointment aroused varying reactionsfew of them, even among the Shi'ites, wholly favourableand Iraq, already irritated by al-Ma'mun's transfer of the capital from Baghdad to Merv and by other offenses, rose up in rebellion. Al-Ma'mun gradually changed his policy. The court party set out from Merv for Baghdad, and on the way 'Ali ar-Rida died, after a brief illness, at Tus. Shi'ite historians attribute his death to poison, possibly administered by the caliph himself. His shrine (mashhad) at Tus became a pilgrimage place and gave its name to the city (Mashhad, or Meshed, in Iran). Many miracles are attributed to 'Ali ar-Rida by the Shi'ites.

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