Meaning of 'ARIYAH in English


(Arabic: gratuitous loan), in Islamic law, the gratuitous loan of some objecte.g., a utensil, a tool, or a work animalto another person for a specific period of time, after which the object is returned to the lender. The recipient is required under law to restore the object after use. 'Ariyah never involves the loan of money or of objects that will be consumed in their use. Under an 'ariyah contract, a Muslim may pay a debt by allowing his debtor to use, for example, his house or his land for a certain period of time while maintaining full ownership of the premises. 'Ariyah also enables an individual to lend possessions to another at a time when he would not be able to take care of them himself. The borrower is not, in principle, responsible for damage to the object arising from his authorized use of it, though the various schools of Islamic law differ from each other in their doctrines on this point.

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