Meaning of BHARUCH in English

also called Broach, historically Bharukaccha, or Bhrgukaccha, town, southeastern Gujarat state, west-central India. It lies along the Narmada River near the Gulf of Cambay of the Arabian Sea. Bharuch was one of the most celebrated harbours in ancient India, being mentioned in the Periplus Maris Erythraei (c. AD 80) and by Ptolemy as Barygaza. It also occurs in the Hindu epic poem Mahabharata. Ruled in the 2nd century by the Ksatrapas and in the 7th century by the Gurjaras, the town was incorporated into the Muslim state of Gujarat and then annexed to the Mughal Empire in 1572. The Marathas ruled it in 1685, and the British captured it in 1782. After changing hands again several times, it was ceded to the East India Company in 1803. Bharuch is a commercial and industrial centre, with a substantial cotton industry, as well as handloom weaving and ink and glass manufacturing. The town exports cotton, wheat, tiles, pulses, and firewood. It is served by railroads and is on a national highway. The cultivation of cotton, millet, rice, and wheat is the major economic activity in the surrounding area, augmented by forests in the east and salt pans along the coast. Pop. (1991) town, 133,102; metropolitan area, 139,029.

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