Meaning of BIRAK in English

also spelled Brach, or Brak, oasis, western Libya, on the southeastern edge of Al-Hamra' Hammada, a stony plateau. One of the string of oases along the Wadi (seasonal river) ash-Shati', it is isolated from Sabha, 40 mi (64 km) south, by great sand dunes, but the Adiri-Birak road, running east, links with the north road from Sabha to the Mediterranean coast. Probably the most fertile oasis in the Fezzan (traditional region), it is irrigated by more than 50 artesian wells. The old town of narrow, dark alleyways contrasts with the modern, open settlement in the midst of a palm grove. The fort remains from the Italian occupations in 1914 and 1929. Produce includes dates, barley, vegetables, livestock, and poultry. There is a government experimental farm and air service. Pop. (1972 est.) 9,291.

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