Meaning of BORAGE in English

(Borago officinalis), a 60-centimetre (2-foot), hairy, annual plant with large, rough, oblong leaves and loose, drooping clusters of starlike, bright blue flowers. It belongs to the family Boraginaceae. The five bright yellow stamens form a cone at the star centre. Flowers are sometimes white or rose, and flowering stalks are usually reddish. Borage was native to the eastern Mediterranean region and was used by the ancient Greeks. It is cultivated today in various parts of Europe, Great Britain, and North America. The leaves of the borage plant have a cool, cucumber-like aroma and taste, and they are rich in calcium and potassium. Leaves and flowers are used in salads, and in Europe the leaves are cooked as a vegetable. Dried or fresh leaves are used to season stews and soups and to flavour wine cups and other drinks. Borage is also grown for bee feeding.

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