Meaning of BRUEGEL, PIETER, II, THE YOUNGER in English

born 1564, Brussels [now in Belgium] died 1638, Antwerp byname Hell Bruegel, Dutch Pieter Bruegel Ii De Jongere, or Helse Bruegel, Bruegel also spelled Brueghel, or Breughel Flemish painter of rustic and religious scenes and of visions of hell or Hades. The eldest son of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the young Pieter studied first under his grandmother, the miniaturist Maria Verhulst, and then in Antwerp. He painted largely in the manner of his father and even copied many of his works; some of his copies cannot be distinguished from copies made by others. Notable examples of his works are The Abduction of Proserpina, Census at Bethlehem, Attack on a Snow-Covered Village, Crucifixion, and Aeneas in the Underworld. His son Pieter Bruegel III, Frans Snyders, and Gonzales Coques were among his pupils.

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