Meaning of CARRASQUILLA, TOMS in English


born Jan. 17, 1858, Santo Domingo, Antioquia, Colom. died Dec. 19, 1940, Medelln Colombian novelist and short-story writer who is best remembered for his realistic depiction of the people of his native Antioquia. His portrayal of the daily life and customs of the Antioqueos, in a simple and direct style, reflects his love of his land and its people and a deep understanding of their problems and the social forces that created them. When the Colombian Civil War interrupted his study of law at Antioquia University, Carrasquilla began his long literary career with the publication of Frutos de mi tierra (1896; Fruits of My Native Land), a realistic novel critical of the hypocrisy of small-town life that immediately appealed to a wide audience. He continued to deal with regional subjects in his short stories and in such later novels as El Padre Casafs (1914; Father Casafs) and La Marquesa de Yolomb (1928; The Marchioness of Yolomb). His blindness in later life did not prevent him from completing the work many critics consider his best, Hace tiempos, 3 vol. (193536; Long Ago), which he was forced to dictate.

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