Meaning of CORNING in English

city, Steuben county, south-central New York, U.S. It lies on the Chemung River, near the Pennsylvania border, 18 miles (29 km) northwest of Elmira. Settled in 1789, it was named in 1837 for Erastus Corning, promoter of a railroad connecting Pennsylvania coal mines with the Chemung Canal. Corning Incorporated (formerly Corning Glass Works), the city's chief industry, originated in 1868 as the Brooklyn Flint Glass Works and produces Steuben and flat glass, bulbs, tubing, fibre optics, and aerospace products. The Corning Glass Center (1951) houses a historical collection of glass (including the original, imperfectly cast 200-inch telescope mirror made in 1934 for the Palomar Observatory in California, where the second casting is now in use) and a notable library. Other manufactures include air compressors (at nearby Painted Post) and store fixtures. Corning Community College, now part of the State University of New York system, was founded in 1956. The Rockwell Museum includes a collection of American Western art. More than 2,000 homes were destroyed when floodwaters ravaged the city in June 1972. Inc. village, 1848; city, 1890. Pop. (1990) 11,938; (1998 est.) 11,080.

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