Meaning of CUERNAVACA in English

city, capital of Morelos estado (state), south-central Mexico. It is in the Cuernavaca Valley of Mount Ajusco, 37 miles (60 km) south of Mexico City. As the capital city of the Tlahuica Indians, it was known as Cuauhnhuac, but it was captured and the name changed in about 1521 by the Spanish conquistador Hernn Corts. During the colonial era, Cuernavaca was the seat of the marquessate of the valley of Oaxaca. Cuernavaca was the site of Corts' Palace (c. 1531; now the Morelos State House, decorated with murals by Diego Rivera, 1929) and a Franciscan cathedral (begun 1529). Nearby are the pre-Columbian ruins of Teopanzolco and Tepozteco and the village of Tepoztln. In the 18th century, Jos de la Borda, the silver magnate, established residence in Cuernavaca and laid out the Borda Gardens, which later served as a favourite retreat of the emperor Maximilian and his wife, Carlota. Later, wealthy Mexicans and members of the international set made the city popular as a retreat. Cuernavaca is also an agricultural and industrial centre. Local crops include corn (maize), beans, wheat, and numerous fruits. Floriculture and apiculture are of considerable importance. Bottling plants, flour mills, cement factories, and textile mills are among Cuernavaca's industries. The University of Morelos was established in the city in 1953. Cuernavaca is linked with Mexico City by expressway and is on the narrow-gauge Mexico CityRo Balsas railroad. Pop. (1980) 192,770.

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