Meaning of FUCHSIA in English

genus of about 100 species of flowering shrubs and trees, in the evening primrose family (Onagraceae), native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America and to New Zealand and Tahiti. Several species are grown in gardens as bedding plants, small shrubs, or miniature treelike specimens; others are grown as pot plants or in hanging baskets for indoor or greenhouse cultivation. They are valued for their showy pendulous flowers, tubular to bell-shaped, in shades of red and purple to white. The hanging growth habit and flared shape of the flower gave rise to the popular name ladies' eardrop. The colour fuchsiaa deep reddish-purple, seen in the flowers of some speciesis named for the genus. The genus in turn is named for Leonhard Fuchs, a 16th-century botanist and physician. Suitable for growth in hanging baskets are the prostrate Fuchsia procumbens and the dwarf and trailing forms of the common hybrids (F. hybrida, probably derived from F. fulgens and F. magellanica). The garden fuchsias, probably derived from F. fulgens, F. magellanica, and F. corymbiflora, are widely grown in shady borders. One tree fuchsia (F. excorticata), from New Zealand, up to 15 metres (50 feet) high, has dull-red waxy flowers and papery bark; a Mexican tree fuchsia, F. arborescens, up to 10 m, has lilac and purple flower clusters.

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