Meaning of GOTTWALD, KLEMENT in English

born Nov. 23, 1896, Dedice, Moravia, Austria-Hungary [now in Czech Republic] died March 14, 1953, Prague, Czech. Czechoslovak Communist politician and journalist, successively deputy premier (1945-46), premier (1946-48), and president (1948-53) of Czechoslovakia. The illegitimate son of a peasant, Gottwald was sent to Vienna at the age of 12 to become an apprentice carpenter and cabinetmaker. By the age of 16 he had become a socialist. During World War I he served in the Austro-Hungarian army, deserting, however, to the Russians before the end of the war. When he returned to the new state of Czechoslovakia in 1918, he joined the left wing of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party, the wing that in 1921 became the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistick Strana Ceskoslovenska; KSC); Gottwald was a charter member. Soon he was editor of the party newspaper in Bratislava, Hlas Ludu ("Voice of the People"), and later of Pravda ("Truth"). In 1925 he was elected to the central committee of the KSC and moved to Prague, and in 1927 he became the party's secretary-general. From 1929 he was a member of the Czechoslovak parliament. After the Munich Agreement of October 1938, Gottwald went to Moscow, where he later made several broadcasts to the Czechoslovak underground movement. In 1945 he became deputy premier in a provisional government appointed by President Eduard Bene with the approval of Moscow. In March 1946 he became chairman of the KSC, and on July 3 he became the nation's premier. On June 14, 1948, after Bene's resignation under threat and pressure, Gottwald was inaugurated as president of the republic. Gottwald quickly consolidated his position. Czechoslovakia was compelled to adopt a Soviet and Stalinist model of government; the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia substituted itself for the state. Political purges began in 1950, resulting in the judicial executions of about 180 party officials, including the party's first secretary, Gottwald's rival Rudolf Slnsk. Gottwald caught a chill at Joseph Stalin's funeral (March 9, 1953) and succumbed to pneumonia five days later.

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