Meaning of HARRISON, JIM in English

born Dec. 11, 1937, Grayling, Mich., U.S. byname of James Thomas Harrison American novelist and poet known for his lyrical treatment of the human struggle between nature and domesticity. Harrison attended Michigan State University (B.A., 1960; M.A., 1964) and taught English at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He began his writing career as a poet. In his collections Plain Song (1965), Locations (1968), Walking (1967), and Outlyer and Ghazals (1969), critics noted a distinctive amalgam of earthy style and philosophical inquiry. Harrison also experimented with poetic forms, as exemplified by his use of the ghazal of ancient Persia. Harrison's first novel, Wolf (1971; filmed 1994), concerns the efforts of a disaffected man to view a wolf in the wilderness, an experience that he believes will cause his luck to change. A Good Day to Die (1973) treats the issue of the environment more cynically. Quandaries of love and work illumine Farmer (1976; filmed as Carried Away, 1996), but take on increasingly dark and obsessive overtones in Legends of the Fall (1979, three novellas; filmed 1994), Warlock (1981), and Sundog (1984). The novel Dalva (1988) and the title novella in The Woman Lit by Fireflies (1990) represent the author's first attempts at creating female protagonists. In 1994 Julip, a collection of three novellas, was published. Harrison's later books of poetry include Letters to Yesenin (1973), Returning to Earth (1977), Selected and New Poems, 19611981 (1982), and The Theory & Practice of Rivers (1985).

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