Meaning of HIVA OA in English

largest island (77 square miles [200 square km]) of the southeastern Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, central South Pacific. The mountains of the volcanic island reach a height of some 4,000 feet (1,200 m) and fall directly to the open sea, with neither a coastal plain nor a fringing coral reef. Hiva Oa was sighted by the Spanish navigator lvaro de Mendaa de Neira in 1595 and had a small sandalwood trade in the 19th century. The island's rugged terrain limits present-day agriculture to the narrow valley floors, with the exception of the Ahao Plateau (1,000 feet), an area with agricultural potential. Copra, the island's only export, is shipped from Atuona, which is the main village and port of the Marquesas Islands and lies on the Baie des Tratres (Bay of Traitors). The French artist Paul Gauguin lived on Hiva Oa in his last two years (190103) and is buried at Atuona. Pop. (1988) 1,671.

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