Meaning of HUYGENS' WAVELET in English

Figure 2: Huygens' wavelets. Originating along the fronts of (A) circular waves and (B) plane waves, wavelets recombine to produce the propagating wave front. (C) The diffraction of sound around a corner arising from Huygens' wavelets. Huynh Phu So born 1919, Hoa Hao, Cochinchina [now in Vietnam] died 1947, Long Xuyen Huynh also spelled Huyen, also called Dao Khung, or Phat Song Vietnamese philosopher, Buddhist reformer, and founder (1939) of the religion Phat Giao Hoa Hao, more simply known as Hoa Hao (q.v.), and an anti-French, anticommunist military and political activist. Frail and sickly in his youth, he was educated by a Buddhist monk and at the age of 20 was apparently miraculously cured. He then set about preaching Buddhist reform, advocating a return to Theravada (Way of the Elders) Buddhism, from the Mahayana (Greater Vehicle) form prevalent in Vietnam, and stressing austerity, Spartan living, simple worship, and personal salvation. Hoa Hao is an amalgam of Buddhism, ancestor worship, animistic rites, elements of Confucian doctrine, and indigenous Vietnamese practices. Its adherents have their own flag, maroon in colour, and their own special holidays. Huynh Phu So traveled throughout Vietnam practicing herbal healing and acupuncture. In speaking, he exerted an almost hypnotic influence over his audiences and became known as Dao Khung (Mad Monk). He predicted with accuracy the fall of France in World War II, the Japanese invasion of Indochina, and the intervention of the United States at a later date. His success as a prophet led his followers to call him the Phat Song (Living Buddha). As his fame and his adherents increased, his inflammatory speeches brought him to the attention of the French colonial authorities. Exiled from one Vietnamese province after another, he continued to draw disciples. Finally he was committed to a mental institution, where he converted the doctor in charge to his philosophy. In desperation the French tried to exile him to Laos, but he was kidnapped by Japanese agents in 1942 and held prisoner in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). After the war, disagreement, first with the French and then with the communist Viet Minh, made the Hoa Hao sect an aggressive religio-political-military cult. Huynh Phu So was abducted while traveling to a meeting ostensibly to reconcile differences between Hoa Hao and the Viet Minh and was executed after a trial in Long Xuyen. Many of the Hoa Hao faithful refusing to believe that he died, predict his return in a time of crisis.

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