Meaning of ILUMQUH in English

(ArabicGod Is Power) also called Wadd, 'Amm, and Sin Arabian god of pre-Islamic times who was associated with the Moon and was greater than the two other principal astral deities of South Arabia, the goddess Shams and the god 'Athtar, who were associated with the Sun and the planet Venus, respectively. Ilumquh, protector of cities and the patron god of South Arabia's capital cities, is linked to various temples and is called father in reference to 'Athtar Venus and to each of the peoples of South Arabia. Ilumquh had many names and epithets, sometimes more than one in a single district. He was, for example, called Wadd (Love) in Ma'in, 'Amm (Uncle) in Qataban, and Sin (a name also used in Babylonia) in Hadramawt. Although knowledge of Ilumquh's cult is incomplete, it is known that there were pilgrimages to his temples where ablutions and offerings were made and certain rules of abstinence and purity were followed. Divine guidance from the three gods was sought and later acknowledged in writing, and undertakings were determined by the response of the oracles. Sometimes documents were deposited in the temples for safekeeping.

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