Meaning of KHARIJAH, AL- in English

town, capital of the muhafazah (governorate) of Al-Wadi al-Jadid (Arabic: New Valley) and chief town of Al-Kharijah (Kharga) oasis, Egypt. The town's history dates back to the 25th dynasty (c. 750656 BC), though inscriptions record that the oasis was a place for political exiles from Thebes in the 21st dynasty (c. 1075c. 945 BC). The town flourished under Persian and Roman rule, and there are extensive ruins of those periods in the area around the town. Other ruins show that in the Byzantine period Al-Kharijah's inhabitants became Christian, but raids by desert tribes reduced its prosperity. The modern town is situated in the centre of the northern part of Al-Kharijah oasis, partly on a rocky outcrop into which its streets are cut. The population consists mainly of Arabic-speaking Berbers with a Bedouin Arab admixture. During the 1970s the population grew as the Egyptian government encouraged Nile River valley farmers, including Nubians, to settle reclaimed land in the oasis. The town is a collection point for locally grown crops, including dates, olives, wheat, rice, grapes, citrus fruits, and berseem (clover, used for animal feed). Cattle and poultry, bred for the oasis environment, are raised for meat. Shale is quarried in the oasis, and the town has tile- and brickmaking plants. Many of the townspeople work in the Abu Tartur phosphate mines, west of the oasis. Al-Kharijah is served by a railway line that carries phosphates from Abu Tartur to Naj' Hammadi in the Nile valley and then on to the Red Sea port of Safajah. A road connects Al-Kharijah with Asyut in the Nile valley some 140 miles (230 km) to the northeast; the town also has an airfield. Pop. (1986) 38,531.

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