Meaning of KHOND in English

also spelled Kond, Kandh, or Kondh people of the hills and jungles of Orissa state, India. Their numbers are estimated to exceed 800,000, of which about 550,000 speak Kui and its southern dialect, Kuwi, of the Dravidian language family. Most Khond are now rice cultivators, but there are still groups, such as the Kuttia Khond, who practice slash-and-burn agriculture. The Khond have been in contact for many centuries with Oriya-speaking neighbours to the west, north, and east and with Telugu-speaking groups to the south. By degrees they have taken on the language and customs of their neighbours. In the Baudh Plains there are Khond who speak only Oriya; farther into the hills the Khond are bilingual; in the remoter jungles Kui alone is spoken. There is an analogous gradation in the practice of Hindu customs concerning caste and untouchability and in the knowledge of Hindu deities. The process of acculturation progressed rapidly in the late 20th century.

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