Meaning of MAYAPN in English

ruined ancient Mayan city, located about 35 miles (55 km) southeast of modern Mrida, Yucatn state, Mex. It became one of the most important cities of that region in the early Postclassic period (c. AD 9001519). The art and architecture of the city were imitative of, but inferior to, that of Chichn Itz, especially in the use of colonnades. The city was walled and built around a large well (cenote). About 3,600 buildings have been uncovered, most of them dwellings. There is a large pyramid, the Castillo, on the great plaza; to the south of it is a circular temple and to the east a temple with a serpent column. The two main groups of buildings each are arranged around a quadrangular court and were connected by a causeway, parts of which remain. Mayapn belonged to a league with the cities of Uxmal and Chichn Itz; after the latter's decline, Mayapn became the dominant political power and religious centre of Yucatn from about 1200 to 1450. The despotic Cocom rulers of Mayapn were finally overthrown about 1450, when the city was abandoned.

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