Meaning of MULTIPROCESSING in English


in computing, a mode of operation in which two or more processors in a computer simultaneously process two or more different portions of the same program (set of instructions). Multiprocessing is typically carried out by two or more microprocessors, each of which is in effect a central processing unit on a single tiny chip. Mainframe computers combine hundreds or even thousands of such microprocessors to interpret and execute instructions. (Uniprocessor computers, by contrast, employ a single central processor to handle all or most tasks.) The primary advantage of a multiprocessor computer over a uniprocessor system is speed, and thus the ability to manage larger amounts of information. Because each processor in such a system is assigned to perform a specific function, it can perform its task, pass the instruction set on to the next processor, and begin working on a new set of instructions. For example, different processors may be used to manage memory storage, data communications, or arithmetic functions. Or a larger processor might utilize slave processors to conduct miscellaneous housekeeping duties, such as memory management. Multiprocessor systems are most commonly used in mainframes and minicomputers, as opposed to personal computers, which incorporate uniprocessor architecture.

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