Meaning of REMBANG in English

city and kabupaten (regency), Jawa Tengah propinsi (Central Java province), Java, Indonesia, located about 100 mi (160 km) northwest of Surabaya. A major port on the Java Sea, it is linked by road and railway with Kudus and Semarang to the southwest and with Cepu and Surabaya to the southeast. Exports include petroleum products, teak, rubber, peanuts (groundnuts), rice, and cassava. Most of the population is Javanese, together with some Madurese; Islam is the dominant religion. Chinese settlers are mostly traders and merchants. Industries are rice milling, peanut shelling, soapmaking, and oil refining. Crafts include wood carving, weaving, plaiting, and mat and basket making. Near Rembang is the grave of Raden A. Kartini, Indonesia's first feminist; it is now a national place of pilgrimage. Pop. city, (1980) 63,151; regency, 442,594.

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