Meaning of SIDEBAR - NASHVILLE 1960S OVERVIEW in English

From 1958 through 1962 some of the biggest international hits were made by country singers recording in Nashville, Tennessee, including the Everly Brothers, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Leroy Van Dyke, Jimmy Dean, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Horton. Nevertheless, the market for ?pure? country was shrinking fast, and by 1961 only about 80 radio stations programmed country music. The newly formed Country Music Association (CMA) recommended the criteria for the kind of music that could be played on country radio, inviting producers to make a choice between making country or pop records. With the notable exceptions of Roger Miller (on Mercury's Smash subsidiary) and Glen Campbell (recording for Capitol on the West Coast), it became rare for an artist to get substantial play in both markets. Brenda Lee and Roy Orbison both recorded in Nashville, but their pop hits (for Decca and Monument, respectively) were shunned by country radio. The CMA's strategy worked. By the end of the 1960s, the number of country stations had mushroomed to more than 500, and a new phrase had been coined?the Nashville Sound. But it would have been more accurate to talk about the ?Sounds? of Nashville. To produce Bill Anderson, Tammy Wynette, or Sonny James for country radio, the drums were kept down in the mix, and a pedal steel guitar or violin was featured in the solo in the middle eight bars. Even renegade rockers like Jerry Lee Lewis and Conway Twitty were welcomed back into the fold, provided they stuck to the new rules. For an audience looking for an alternative to the ever wilder music on pop radio, this tame, modern country music was a relief. On the other hand, while producing Bob Dylan, Bob Johnson let the same session musicians loose on a blues-soaked groove for 10 minutes at a stretch, and they out-rocked any band in the land on Blonde on Blonde (1966). Then again, they could turn their hands to pop, for example, backing Sandy Posey on ?Born a Woman? (1966). These were the Sounds of Nashville too. Charlie Gillett

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