Meaning of SIKANESE in English

also called Sika people inhabiting the mountains and coastal areas between the Bloh and Napung rivers in east-central Flores, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, in Indonesia. Numbering about 180,000 in the late 20th century, they speak a language related to Solorese, which belongs to the Timor-Ambon language group. In 1929 the Nita and Kangae mountain domains were united with Sika territory to form an autonomous region under the Radja of Sika, which survives today as the Indonesian administrative region of Maumere. The Sikanese practice a slash-and-burn agriculture, growing rice, corn (maize), and cassava; copra is produced along the coast. Villages are centred around offering stones, a remnant of the traditional religion, which today has been largely replaced by Roman Catholic ritual. The majority of Sikanese live in the western portion of the region and have markedly different kinship traditions from the eastern Sikanese. In the west, descent groups are nonlocalized and non-exogamous, based on a common patrilineal ancestor. Marriage is regulated by numerous incest taboos. The descent groups of the eastern Sikanese are endogamous and localized. They have no class system, whereas western Sikanese have a class of nobles related to the Radja of Sika.

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