Meaning of SODALITE in English

feldspathoid mineral, a chloride-containing sodium aluminosilicate that occurs with leucite and nepheline in such igneous rocks as nephelinesyenite, trachyte, and phonolite. For chemical formula and detailed physical properties, see feldspathoid (table). The sodalite group also contains hydroxysodalite (hydroxide substitutes for chloride), noselite (containing sulfide and water), and haynite (containing sulfide and having calcium partially replacing sodium). Noselite (nosean), found as gray, brown, or blue rounded grains containing inclusions, is a common constituent of volcanic ejecta. Haynite (hayne) varies in colour from white or gray to green or blue. The blue variety, lazurite, is the primary constituent of lapis lazuli (q.v.); its depth of colour seems to increase with additional sulfide substitution.

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