Meaning of TORSION BALANCE in English


device used to measure the gravitational acceleration at the Earth's surface. Other such devices, using different methods to obtain the same result, are pendulums and gravimeters. The torsion balance consists essentially of two small masses at different elevations that are supported at opposite ends of a beam. The latter is suspended from a wire that undergoes torsion because the masses are affected differently by the force of gravity. When the wire is twisted, an optical system indicates the angular deflection (q), and the torque (T), or twisting force, involved can be calculated from the simple expression T = kq, in which k is a constant that depends on the properties of the instrument. The amount of torque, in turn, is correlated with the gravitational force at the point of observation. The torsion balance was devised by Lrnt von Etvs, a Hungarian physicist, in 1902; many scientists have contributed modifications to the basic instrument. The term torsion balance also refers to a device used in weighing, an equal arm balance that uses horizontal steel bands instead of pivots and bearings.

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