Meaning of VYCHODNI SLOVENSKO in English

Czech Vchodoslovensk kraj (region), eastern Slovakia. It is bordered by Stredn Slovensko kraj to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, and Hungary to the south. The Vysok Tatry (High Tatras) and Nzke Beskydy Mountains extend across the northern part of Vchodn Slovensko kraj, and the Nzke Tatry (Low Tatras) give way to the Slovensk Rudo ("Slovak Ore") Mountains in the west. A major plain formed by the Bodrog River and its tributaries lies in the southeast; Vchodn Slovensko kraj's other major river, the Hornd, forms a valley between the Slovensk Rudo and Slansk mountains. Agriculture predominates in the southern plain, where wheat, corn (maize), barley, sugar beets, tobacco, and vegetables are the main crops. Grapes, apples, plums, and pears are also grown, and sheep and pigs are the main livestock. In the north, potatoes, oats, barley, corn, flax, and animal fodder are important. The Slovensk Rudo Mountains contain most of the region's mineral wealth. Large deposits of copper and iron ore are mined at Rudnany and Roznava. Magnesite, antimony, siderite (clay ironstone), barite (barium sulfate), mercury, and asbestos occur at other sites, and building stone is quarried at several locations. There are natural gas fields in the southeast near Michalovice and Stretava. Two major dams, Ruzin on the Hornd River and Dobin on the Slan River, provide hydroelectric power for nearby industrial centres. Koice, Vchodn Slovensko kraj's capital, is the main industrial centre; it has steel works, engineering works, ceramics, textile, clothing, and food-processing plants. Svit, Poprad, Preov, Strzske, and Humenn are other important industrial towns, with chemical, building-material, textile, and food-processing plants. Strzske also has an oil refinery. Lumbering and wood processing are important at several towns in the mountains. Striking natural scenery and mineral water spas are major attractions for tourists. The Pieniny National Park is centred on the Dunajec Gorge; other canyons, caves, and waterfalls are found in the Slovensk Raj ("Slovak Paradise"). The Juhoslovensk Karst is a limestone region with ice caves and canyons; its best-known cave, the Dobina Ice Cave, northwest of Roznava, is the largest in Slovakia and has ice pillars and frozen waterfalls. Mineral water spas are located at Bardejov, Vyn Ruzbachy, and tos. The city of Koice is Vchodn Slovensko kraj's main educational and cultural centre. The Pavel Josef afrik University, technical and veterinarian's colleges, the State Scientific Library, and the Museum of Eastern Slovakia are located in the city. The kraj has Ukrainian and Hungarian ethnic minorities in the east and southwest, respectively. Area 6,252 square miles (16,193 square km). Pop. (1991 prelim.) 1,505,495.

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