Meaning of WINCKLER, HUGO in English

born July 4, 1863, Grfenhainchen, Saxony died April 19, 1913, Berlin, Ger. German archaeologist and historian whose excavations at Bogazky, in Turkey, disclosed the capital of the Hittite empire, Hattusa, and yielded thousands of cuneiform tablets from which much of Hittite history was reconstructed. Winckler's primary interest was in the language and writing of the ancient Middle East. Prior to his appointment as professor of Oriental languages at the University of Berlin (1904), he had written extensively on Assyrian cuneiform and on Old Testament subjects. He also wrote a history of Babylonia and Assyria (1891) and made translations of the Code of Hammurabi and of the Amarna letters. Under the auspices of the German Orient Society, Winckler in 1906 began excavating at Bogazky, where he met with extraordinary success. In ruined storage chambers, very likely royal archives, that appeared to have been destroyed by a great fire, he found thousands of hardened clay tablets. Most were in an unknown language, which was later shown to be Hittite. A few, in Akkadian, included a cuneiform version of a peace treaty concluded between the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II and the Hittite king Hattusilis, which Winckler translated. Winckler continued excavating in cooperation with the Turkish archaeologist Theodore Makridi Bey until 1912, revealing the remains of a city whose temples, palaces, fortifications, and gateways left little doubt that this was the site of a mighty capital. From his findings, Winckler was able to draw a preliminary outline of the history of the Hittite empire in the 14th and 13th centuries BC. His accounts of his work may be found in Vorlufige Nachrichten ber die Ausgrabungen in Bog-haz Ki im Sommer 1907 (1907; abstracted as Excavations at Boghaz-Keui in the Summer of 1907, in the Smithsonian Institution annual report for 1908 ) and in Nach Boghaski! Ein nachgelassenes Fragment (1913; To Bogazky! A Fragment Left Behind).

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