Meaning of PEEL in English


I . John Peel

(1939– )

an English disc jockey and broadcaster who has worked for Radio 1 since it started in 1967. He encourages good bands which are not well known by playing their records. He also presents the BBC radio programme about family life called Home Truths (1998– ).

II . John Peel

➡ D’ye Ken John Peel? .

III . Robert Peel


one of the most important British politicians of the early 19th century and one of the people who started the modern Conservative Party . As Home Secretary (1822–30), Peel was responsible for giving Roman Catholics the right to hold jobs in public life and for the organization of the Metropolitan Police . (British police officers are still sometimes called bobbies , from Bobby, the short form of Robert. They were once also called peelers. ) He was Prime Minister twice (1834–5 and 1841–6) and his government passed a number of major new laws, especially in relation to British trade. He was made a baronet in 1830.

See also Corn Laws .

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