Meaning of ROSS in English

I . Betsy Ross


the Philadelphia woman who, according to tradition, sewed the first US flag in 1776. No evidence for this exists, but she did sew early flags. George Washington designed the first flag, which had a circle of stars.

II . Diana Ross

(1944– )

a US singer and actor who began her career as the main singer with the Supremes . She later left the group to sing alone and her hits have included Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (1970) and Endless Love (1982). She also played the part of Billie Holiday in the film Lady Sings the Blues (1970).

III . Jonathan Ross

(1960– )

an English television personality and presenter. He first became successful as the presenter of The Last Resort (1987–8), a late-night chat show, and now presents Friday Night with Jonathan Ross , a film review show, as well as a show on Radio 2 .

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