Meaning of ABSENTEE in English


[noun] [C]There are several absentees in the school (= people who are not present at school) this week, because a lot of people have got flu.An (US) absentee ballot/(ANZ) absentee vote is a piece of paper which voters who are unable to be present at an election can vote on and send in by post.Although we were in Sao Paolo at the time of the presidential election, we voted by absentee ballot.An absentee landlord is a person who rents out a house, apartment or farm to someone, but rarely or never visits it. absenteeism [noun] [U]There has been a recent increase in absenteeism (= people not going to work or school when they should be going). absinthe, absinth [noun] [U] - a strong green alcoholic drink with a bitter taste

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