Meaning of ACTIVE in English

[adjective] - busy in or ready to perform a particular activityphysically/mentally activeShe's 68 but she's still physically very active.You've got to try to keep active (= use your time and energy) as you grow older.Enemy forces remain active in the mountainous areas around the city.She's very active in (= involved in) local politics.Both of his parents were very politically active.She emphasised that it was important to educate children before they became sexually active.He tends to take a more active role in the team nowadays.She's an active member of her trade union (= not only belongs to it, but does work to help it).The movement has the active support of 2 000 people.An active volcano is one that might erupt (= throw out hot liquid rock or other matter) at some time.An active verb or sentence is one in which the subject is the person or thing which performs the stated action.'Catrin told me' is an active sentence, and 'I was told by Catrin' is passive.His regiment was sent on active service (= to fight in a war).

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