Meaning of DECIMAL in English

[noun] [C], [adjective] [not gradable] - (a number expressed in the form) of a system of counting based on the number tenThe course will help students develop mathematical skills including the use of decimals, fractions, percentages and simple statistics. [C]In 1971, Britain changed from the imperial system, with 240 pence in the pound, to the decimal system, with 100 pence in the pound. [C]If you calculate the result to two decimal places (= give two numbers after the decimal point, as in 3.65), that should minimize any possible errors. [C]Three fifths expressed as a decimal/(specialized) decimal fraction is 0.6.The decimal point is the . between the two parts of a decimal. In some countries a comma is used instead.To divide by ten, move the decimal point one place to the left.A decimal currency is a money system in which a smaller unit can be multiplied by ten to make up a bigger unit.Great Britain and the United States both have decimal currencies.

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