Meaning of GLASS in English

[noun] - a hard transparent material which is used to make windows, bottles or other containers and objectscoloured glass [U]broken glass [U]a glass jar/dish/plate/vase/ornamentThe sculpture was made of glass. [U]In the wall there was a huge window made from a single pane of glass. [U]That bin is for broken glass only. [U]In cool climates you have to grow tropical plants under glass (= in a glasshouse). [U]Glass also means objects made from glass when thought of as a group.The museum has a fine collection of valuable glass.A glass is a small container for drinks, which is usually round, has a flat base and is usually without a handle. It can also be made of plastic.She poured some milk into a glass.We'll need to borrow some beer glasses and some wine glasses for the party.Brandy glasses are curved so that you can put your hands round them in order to warm the brandy.(UK) If you are served beer in a straight glass, you are given it in a glass with no handle."A pint of bitter, please". "Would you like that in a straight glass or a mug, sir?".A glass of something is the type or amount of drink the glass contains.Would you like a glass of water?Two glasses of lemonade, please.(dated) The glass is a barometer (= a device which tells you if the weather is going to change).The glass has been falling/rising (= showing a change to bad/good weather) all day.Glass which has been heated until it becomes soft can be shaped into objects by blowing air into it down a tube.On the shelf there was a beautiful blown glass vase.(dated) A glass (also looking glass) is also a mirror.You've got grease on your face, look in the glass.He is a skilful glass-blower.Glass can be cut into pieces or have a pattern cut into it for decoration.Use a glass-cutter (= device for cutting glass) to cut the window pane to size.a cut-glass sherry decanterA glass ceiling is a point beyond which you cannot go, for example, in connection with improving your position at work.A variety of reasons was given for the apparent glass ceiling women hit in many professions.Glass fibre is fibreglass.(saying) 'People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' means that you should not criticize other people if you have faults yourself.

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