Meaning of GLOBAL in English


[adjective]If something is global, it relates to the whole world.The oil-well fires are a regional but not a global catastrophe.The minister blamed the rise in unemployment on the global economic recession.Global also means considering all parts of something.This report gives a global picture of the company's finances.We need to take a global view of the situation.If you do a global search on a computer, you look for every example of a word or phrase in a document.Do a global search for 'organise' and replace it with 'organize'.The global village is all the countries of the world when thought of as being closely connected by modern communications and therefore economically, politically, socially and environmentally dependent on each other.As citizens of the global village, we cannot ignore our obligations to others.Global warming is a gradual increase in temperature caused by gases collecting in the air and other gases surrounding the Earth, which prevents heat escaping into space.Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air by burning fossil fuels would help to limit global warming.

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