Meaning of INNER in English


[adjective] [before noun; not gradable] - inside or contained within something else, or (of thoughts or feelings) secret and of the spiritLeading off the main hall is a series of small inner rooms.The group is working mainly in the inner (= central) London area.Sarah seemed to have an inner strength that nothing could shake. [before noun]He struggled to hide his inner turmoil (= his confused feelings). [before noun]Dr Simpson was a member of the inner circle (= the most powerful group) of influential directors. [before noun](humorous) Few people ever managed to penetrate the manager's inner sanctum (= very private room). [before noun]An inner city (area) is the central part of a city where people live and where there are often problems because of a lack of jobs, bad houses and poverty.The report stated that inner-city schools were overcrowded and lacking in certain basic facilities.The inner man/woman is a person's soul and deepest feelings.A good biography should allow you to glimpse the inner man.An inner tube is a tube filled with air that fits inside a car or bicycle tyre.

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