Meaning of QUANTITY in English


[noun] - the amount of something that can be measured, weighed, counted, etc., or a fixed amount or numberLuckily I'd brought with me in my toilet bag a quantity of (= some) cotton wool. [C]Police found a large/small quantity of drugs in his possession. [C]The sheer quantity (= large amount) of equipment needed for the trip is staggering. [C]Between us we consumed a vast quantity of food. [C]This recipe is only for four so I usually do double the quantity if I'm cooking for my family. [U]British wines will never be cheap because they cannot be produced in the same quantity (= in such large amounts) as many of their foreign rivals. [U]Quantity is often compared to quality, in saying that it is better to have a little of something good than a lot of something that is not very good.It's quality not quantity that really counts.(UK) A quantity surveyor is a person whose job is to calculate the cost of the materials and work needed for future building work.

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