Meaning of STARTING in English


[adjective] [before noun; not gradable]a starting pistola starting salaryA starting line is a line drawn on the ground behind which competitors wait for a signal to begin a race.A starting date (also start date), a starting point (also start point) or a starting time (also start time) is the day, place or time at which something begins.The starting date is 23 June.The starting point for the guided tour of the town is in the market square.The committee emphasised that its report was only meant as a starting point for discussion.Is a starting time of 6.30 p.m. too early for anyone?The starting price ( SP) is the amount of money offered just at the start of a race by a bookmaker for a win.A starting salary is the amount of money received when starting a particular type of job for the first time.The average starting salary for a teacher is less than that for an accountant.

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